How To Tackle Your First Weeks At A New Internship

Joining a new organization can often feel nerve-wracking and overwhelming. Where do you go on the first day? What if you don’t make any friends? Who do you eat lunch with? These were the same questions we had on the first day of school, and many of the same questions we have the first day at a new internship. But, the good news is that everyone understands and will try to make your transition as seamless as possible. To further ease into a new internship, try taking a look at the following tips.

[Source DIY Network]
Tour the Office
You can acclimate yourself to new surroundings by taking time to explore the office. Your supervisor will likely show you around on your first day, but exploring on your own means you can discover new things that weren’t on that initial tour. You may discover a different kitchenette, or maybe a fully stocked storage closet.  And when your supervisor needs you to make those copies, you’ll know exactly where to go.
Meet Fellow Interns
Your first days, and even weeks, at a new internship will be filled with meeting new coworkers and interacting with supervisors. It is also important to form relationships with other interns in the office. Remember that other interns are just as new and confused as you are, and you’ll have to lean on each other to figure things out. Fellow interns may be the people you go to lunch with everyday, and will be valuable contacts to have in your network.
Schedule One-on-One Meetings
Scheduling meetings with individuals in the organization allows you to form personal connections from the very beginning. You’ll be able to understand exactly what someone’s role is, which will allow you to better understand the organization as a whole. The office won’t be full of nameless faces, but rather people with whom you can connect and share stories. These relationships will prove to be invaluable, especially after your internship ends.
This is some advice that has gotten me through four different internships, and as I embark on my fifth I still believe it’s useful. As summer internships approach, I hope you also find it beneficial. If anything, always remember to show interest and enthusiasm. Asking questions and finding ways to make the lives of your coworkers easier are the best ways to make a lasting impression.
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Janelle Grace.

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