Fashion Police & Guiliana Rancic: Crisis Comm 101

Recent comments from Fashion Police host Guiliana Rancic have caused the internet to buzz with commotion and cries for apology. In this recent episode of Fashion Police, a popular show on the E! network known for making snarky comments about celebrities and their attire, host Guiliana Rancic made some less than thoughtful comments about actress Zendaya and her hair style at this year’s Academy Awards.
Rancic is quoted saying “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil,” Rancic snipped, drawing chuckles from her co-hosts. “Or weed. Maybe weed?”
It didn’t take long for 18-year-old Zendaya to respond with this message which has been shared countless times over social media:

Rancic followed up with her own apologetic tweet, which users did not respond well to. After event more controversy stirred when another Fashion Police host, Kelly Osborn, gave an ultimatum that the issue be addressed or she’d leave the show, Rancic issued this apology, which has been better received, but has still done little to reverse the damage done.

Apologies have been issued, but the dust is far from clearing in this situation. Moving forward, there will be plenty of scrutiny, criticism and careful watch over Guiliana, the Fashion Police team and the E! network as a whole. As a TV personality and a brand, Guilana will need to put her best PR foot forward in figuring out how to:

  • Reassure her fan base/audience that she’s truly learned her lesson without coming off as coached.
  • Reassure those that she has offended that it will never happen again.
  • Showcase this character correction in her brand.
  • Work together with members of her E! network and host family to collectively show a change in character
How would you handle this crisis situation? Do you think E! is handling it effectively, now?

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