Increase Your Shareability

Social media fuels the world we live in. We love to share content that defines ourselves, entertains us, develops relationships and gets the word out about causes and brands we support. In order for your content to stand out amongst the millions of other voices in your social media and communication channels, it is important to make your content as shareable as possible.
Create reactive content. Shareable content evokes strong emotions, such as excitement, astonishment, awe, anger and frustration.
Create useful content. People like to read posts and articles with information that makes their lives easier or benefits them in some way. Share content that enriches the lives of others. An easy way to share useful content is to create “how to” articles or lists of tips and tricks.
Share relatable content. Be genuine and share content that reflects who you are to your readers, followers and friends. People are more likely to share content that represents who they are and shows others what they care about.
Use subheads, bullets and lists. Now more than ever, people have low attention spans and like to scan, rather than read things word-for-word. It is important to make your content scannable with a clear direction for your reader. Don’t make the design or layout complicated, and choose a font that is easy to read.
Incorporate visuals. Visual content is becoming a norm in the social media, public relations and marketing worlds because visuals help tell your story in two seconds or less. Incorporate videos, photos and infographics into your content to increase your shareability.
Use nostalgia. Think about your customers and what they might miss or may have forgotten. Share content that creates nostalgia because it helps build a relationship with your customers who share the same emotional reaction. For example, you can participate in “Throwback Thursday” by using the hashtag #tbt on social media to remind your audience of a specific moment in time.
By thinking about your audience and using these tips, you will increase your shareable content for either your own personal brand or for your client. Do you want to learn more? Check out the infographicbelow:
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Megan Healy.

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