Snapchat: The Official Sponsor of #NYFW15

If you aren’t aware or have refused to hop on the bandwagon, Snapchat is a mobile app a bit over a year old that allows users to post quick pictures and videos that disappear after designated amount of time as opposed to being stored. While it was fairly popular upon its launch, the introduction of “Stories” made the app even more interactive. It’s also the stories feature that has turned New York Fashion Week this year into an insider event for everyone.

While social media in general has increased “outsider” participation in recent fashion weeks, this year Snapchat has been proven to be ahead of its application peers. The immediacy of story posting makes pictures and videos of runway shows super accessible. Though websites such as live stream many of the shows, if you’re on a mobile device playback may not be as smooth. Snapchat allows for seamless streaming and varied points of view depending on the Snapper (if that’s a term yet).
Fashion bloggers, show curators, models, volunteers all use their social networks to share what they’re up to. Lucky for us, that consist of tons of runway shows, industry events and behind the scenes production that we normally wouldn’t have access to. Within two short days of NYFW, industry insiders already voiced a clear preference in Snapchat for sharing up to the minute details of their day. During the final days of fashion week, there was even a special story hosted by Snapchat itself dedicated to all of the images and videos taken that week. Though this fashion week is over, we have another to look forward to in the fall and let’s not overlook London and Paris fashion weeks coming up soon. Both of which, I’m sure, will be taking over your Snapchat feeds soon. 

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