Social Media Savvy: #SNL40

Even though we were not physically there, Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary event was an interactive night. @nbcsnl took to Twitter for about 5 hours during the event’s red carpet and main event. Here are four different ways that SNL used social media to their advantage in gaining coverage:

Photo Booth
SNL linked all of the photos taken of their guests passing by on the SNL40 red carpet. Photo after photo was posted on the production’s Twitter page while the red carpet interviews were aired on television. It was an added bonus for excited guests interested in seeing what the guests were wearing, and for most of them, acting goofy. Later on in the evening, the SNL Instagram began posting “Instabumpers,” or photos of guests at the event in front of neon-colored backgrounds with the small text, SNL40. The Instabumpers colorful, creative, and of all of the guests seeming energized and happy to be there in support of SNL.

(Source: @nbcsnl Instagram)

Linked Up
SNL’s tweets included the official Twitter handle of each of the celebrities featured in a post. This allows fans and followers to directly link to that guests’ page, almost like a small promo. Tagging guests makes for relationship building on social media.
Graphics & Video
The team behind SNL40’s social media was prepared with graphics showing the remade sketches as “now & then” photos. One side of the graphic depicted the original skit and the other side was in the skit in color happening now on television. As a marketing tactic, these graphics remind the audience of the skit and hopefully, gets them excited about the production. The account also used GIFs to highlight bits of the show in what seems like 5 seconds.

Live Tweeting 
SNL40 was an opportunity for both the social media team, guests, and audience at home live tweet! These three demographics are extremely broad and bring a wide range of people to the conversation about SNL40 online and in the media. Posts were sent from the SNL account like clockwork throughout the entire show, with photos, videos, and text. Celebrities at the event took to their personal accounts that night and this morning to express support for the production, giving them positive coverage. Lastly, the audience watching used #SNL40 to express any and all thoughts on the sketches, performances, and celebrity gossip that comes with an entertainment event like this.

Social media is a way we can bring large groups of people from all over the world into one conversation as communications professionals. Live tweeting and sharing photos are common ways to bring attention to your event through all social media platforms, not just Twitter. Stay creative, and use hashtags to get your event trending!

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