It’s Not Delivery, It’s Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea had a gripe to handle before heading to this year’s Grammy Awards, and she took to social media to settle the score. After an issue with a Papa Johns Pizza employee who, according to Azalea, distributed her personal phone number to family members, Azalea tweeted at Papa Johns searching for answers.

Papa Johns responded to the tweet, but the response was far from what any patron searching for quality customer service would want in return. Taking advantage of the social media moment, Papa Johns completed their response with hashtags referencing Azalea’s lyrics. The response did nothing to suggest a settlement of the issue, had no mention of policy or procedure and made it clear to followers that the issue was not being taken very seriously.

Azalea continued her protest on Twitter bringing up what, I believe, to be very relevant points about the issue of protecting customer privacy.

In a day and age where everything ends up online and celebrities are having their privacy breached more than ever, sensitivity and attention to this issue would have been best. Brands and social media managers must be aware that while not everything is a crisis, having a scene play out before the public requires careful handling. Papa Johns may be a respected brand with a loyal following and customer base, but if this is how they treat a public figure, imagine how the situation would be handled with a non-celebrity customer.

Overall, the response makes Papa Johns look unprofessional and reflects poorly on their customer service standards. There was no public resolution made to the original issue.

But the real winner of the night? Definitely DiGiorno Pizza, who decided to interject themselves into the end of Twitter feud.

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