"Do You Have Any Job Prospects Yet?"

It’s funny how you hear stories about how going to a family holiday party when you’re older is a horrific experience full of questions like, “Are you dating anyone?” or “How old are you now?”  But if you are a senior like me, then you can relate to hearing the most terrifying question of all…”So, do you have any job offers lined up after graduation, honey?”
*Insert hyperventilating, instant panic attack, hot flashes, slight crying, etc. here* 
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If your answer to the previous questions was “yes” then great, you should be proud.  If your answer was “no,” you are not alone, I am right there with you and I’m going to tell you why it’s okay (through musical song titles because music is how I relax).
1. I’m Not The Only One by Sam Smith
While your significant other may not be cheating on you like Sam Smith says in the song, you are still not the only one.  As I just stated, every person our age is most likely feeling the pressure to find a job at this time, so confide in someone you trust to vent to.
2. Time of Our Lives by Pitbull & Ne-Yo
As Pitbull would say, “Have me a good time, before my time is up.”  College only happens once, so it’s important to remember to live in the moment!  Enjoy every experience the last semester has to offer and make sure you aren’t stressing so much about the job search that you are missing out on making memories. 
3. Elastic Heart by Sia
After three and a half years of college, you’ve built “thick skin and an elastic heart.”  So don’t get discouraged if you are applying to companies that aren’t answering you or respond saying you’re under-qualified; at least you’re putting yourself out there!
4. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
“Don’t be getting down about all the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world when you could’ve been getting down to this sick beat.”  There is no shame in taking a break from your everyday searches on LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, etc.  Sometimes a dance party solves all problems.
5. The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez
By now you probably have some idea of what kind of PR you want to take on as job whether that is fashion, corporate, tech, agency, etc.  Make sure to go after jobs in your niche, don’t settle for something that you are going to end up hating.  Follow your heart; the more passionate you are about what you do, the more you have to offer to the company.
6. Jealous by Nick Jonas
Do not be like Nick Jonas and get jealous.  One of my supervisors at my previous internship gave me advice that has stuck with me: “Don’t worry about what other people are doing!”  Nobody likes a green-eyed monster, so when your friends land awesome jobs, congratulate and celebrate with them!  Don’t let it stress you out or over-think your job-hunting situation.
7. Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift
Despite what Taylor may have to say, you are NOT out of the woods yet.  You still have classes to pass and internships to complete before you receive that diploma.  Dedicate as much time to your school work as you are your job search.
If all else fails, remember that just like Queen B, you are ***Flawless!  Things have a funny way of working themselves out.  You worked hard these past few years by getting involved, completing internships, making great connections and becoming a young #PRofessional ready to take on the real world!  Good luck and enjoy your last few months of college!  If you would like more advice on the senior year job search, click here.
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Kaylie Corallo.  You can follow her @kayliecorallo.

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