PRowl is HIRING for Spring 2015!

PRowl is looking to add new and fresh talent to our firm! Since it’s founding in 2008, PRowl has served not only as a means to provide quality services to it’s clients, but also as a tool to help passionate and eager public relations students learn and hone their skills. PRowl provides real world experience by giving student the chance to develop and execute real campaigns for real paying clients.

PRowl members are highly driven, passionate, eager to learn and incredibly talented. Whether you have been a public relations student for three days or three years, we know that there is a way you could benefit our firm. We’re here to help guide, teach and introduce you to all that being a PR professional has to offer. PRowl offers the skills and experience you need to help your coursework translate to the real world.

In addition to a positive attitude and willingness to grow, you should be prepared to bring a copy of your resume along with two writing samples to your interview. Writing samples can be anything that you want, but we recommend one creative-type piece, such as a blog post, as well as a more structured piece, like a press release. Don’t worry if this is your first time putting together writing samples –many students write their first press release in preparation for their PRowl interview.

Please click here to learn more about setting up an interview, and taking your next step as a PR professional or email and schedule and interview today!

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