Build Your Confidence In Conversation

As a public relations student, throughout classes, student organizations and internships we have all been taught the “secrets” to becoming a successful public relation specialist. Time and time again we have heard that one of the most successful tools we need to optimize is networking. Networking is basically building personalized and beneficial relationships with other professionals.
Obviously, networking is extremely important and seems pretty simple. One of the first steps on the road to success is making a good and memorable first impression and building new relationships. Therefore, having a more outgoing and personable personality can be an asset to an aspiring PR professional. But, even the shyest PR student can learn to be confident in their conversational skills and eventually a confident networker. But first, these students should focus on feeling comfortable meeting and making conversation with new people.
Here are some tips for those quieter PR students:
1. Read
Obviously, as a quieter individual, meeting new people and making small talk can seem awkward. However, if you learn to feel confident in your conversational skills, this task won’t seem as daunting. For example, reading is an enjoyable way to learn more about a variety of different topics. You never know when something you learned while reading could come up and provide you with easy conversation.  Obviously, not everyone likes to read but there are hundreds of ways to expand your general knowledge. For instance, watch the news or play lots of Trivia Crack (which you probably already do).
2.  Be Curious
Sometimes, being shy or introverted makes one feel uncomfortable talking about themselves. However, developing a genuine curiosity about others and learning to ask questions can easily solve this problem. Being interested in others and what they have to say is a great way to deflect the conversation from you and allow others to talk about himself or herself. This also has the added benefit of making someone else feel appreciated!
3. Smile 
Smiling is an excellent way to begin building relationships because it signals you are open to one. By smiling more, you make yourself seem friendly and approachable to others. Also, smiling will allow others to feel more comfortable and relaxed around you, which will create a relaxing atmosphere.
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Emily Charles.

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