4 Ways To Stay PRoductive When School’s Out

As the semester finally dwindles down and you find yourself not knowing what to do when there aren’t any assignments to turn in or classes and meetings to run to, you may sit back and ask yourself: “what’s next?
Sure, we all can stay in bed and sleep, stuff ourselves with junk food and binge watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix but shouldn’t we use the month that we have off to do something more productive? Yes, we should!
Here are some ideas to make the most of winter break and to be more productive:
Social Media Cleaning
Think of this as your major spring cleaning. During spring cleaning you get rid of all of the old, irrelevant and unwanted belongings that have accumulated over the year. The same goes for your social media. Since a new year is approaching, why not clean up who your following and connect with those whose content can be useful and inspiring to you.
Start a blog!
If you have a million ideas floating around in your head, can’t keep track of the post-its that you’ve scribbled on or you’ve been meaning to launch (or relaunch) your blog but haven’t had the time, now is the time!
There are many reasons why you should blog. By blogging, you enhance your writing and thinking, develop creative content and connect with others
Not only will having a blog benefit your personal development, but also your professional development. The content that you create, can be used to build your portfolio.
Apply for internships
If your friends have went through the entire internship application process and have secured an internship for the spring but you missed the memo, it’s not too late. Companies are still looking for positions to fill and one of them could be yours!
With that being said, gather up your writing samples, spruce up your cover letters, resume and social media platforms and apply for those internships.
If you want to give back and make a difference, then you should volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to get involved within a community and it helps promote personal and professional growth.
How are you planning to make the most of winter break? We’d love to hear from you! 
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Jade Taylor.

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