Finals, the New “F-Word”

As finals creep up on students, so does widespread panic and feelings of dread. However, in many cases, this panic doesn’t need to exist at all.

As soon as students hear the word “final”, it’s as if they were just stepping foot into their class for the first time. However, most students have spent the entire semester carefully taking notes and learning the material covered by the professor.

But why does the new “f-word” put everyone into a frenzy?

Maybe it’s something about the cumulative nature of them, or perhaps the final percentage they hold towards a student’s final grade.

Regardless of why, it is important that students push past this fear and see finals for what they really are.

When first looking at a study guide or surveying the amount of notes that one has to review, it is common for an individual to feel overwhelmed.

However, it is important to remember that you have covered the material before throughout the semester, so you may just need to jog your memory on certain concepts or materials.

Perhaps going through the list of items covered on the test before jumping right in will help you remember some of the materials, which in turn, will make you feel more confident about your ability to ace the dreaded exam.

Also, students need to realize that they are prepared for the exam in the sense that they know their professor’s style of teaching and questions.

Going through a semester’s worth of classes, students get to know the layout and style of questions on their tests.

Although a final may be longer and cumulative, if a student has been paying attention throughout the semester, they can be put at ease by the fact that they will have an understanding of questions and the wording on the exam.

Going forward, remember that finals are not life or death. In most cases, students are more prepared for them than they think. In most cases, a student’s worst nemesis during finals is their own fears!

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