Consumer Engagement According to Beyoncé

It seems the battle for winner of the internet has a new victor, and unsurprisingly, it’s Beyoncé, yet again. After snippets of new tracks from her recently released Platnium Edition Box set of the self-titled album (which she surprised released last winter), Beyoncé surprised us again with her music video, 7/11.
Showcasing the star dancing around a hotel, mainly in her underwear, the video and song show off the upbeat, silly side of Beyoncé that we don’t often encounter. While Queen Bey’s high powered, fully loaded style and diva attitude are admired and coveted by her fans, this video stops and shows that she, just like us, sometimes just needs to stop what she’s doing and dance in her underwear.
What does this new video release say about best practices for consumer engagement? Everything, in my opinion.
The purpose of consumer engagement is to connect consumers with one another and/or with a larger brand. It encourages consumers to share the experiences they have with your product or brand. When consumer engagement tactics are executed well, the consumer is able to better relate to the larger brand. It helps strengthen brand relationships and create loyalty with consumers. The brand in this case: Beyoncé and her ever-growing empire.
While the Queen has no problem selling out tours or albums, the average fan tuning in is unlikely to easily see themselves reflected in the multi billion dollar brand. Fantasizing about the life is one thing, but creating a true and realistic tie is another challenge.
The 7/11 video shows Beyoncé in a way we are necessarily used to seeing her: acting like one of the girls. Everything from the candid outfits to the messy room and home-video shooting style makes this an incredibly beneficial consumer engagement tool. The video helps to humanize the brand, keeps the fans pleased with another great song and video and utilizes the incredible share power Beyoncé has on social media. In just four days, the video has received over 25 million views on YoutTube. Mission, accomplished.
How will Bey wow us next?

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