Interview Moves (Like Jagger)

Winter break is quickly approaching and with it comes prime job hunting time.When it comes to the interview, we’ve had posts on how to land one, proper attire, and even informational interviews. However, we haven’t given as much attention to the body language we use.

We know that body language speaks just as loudly as our verbal communication and we’re aware of obvious movements we should not use…but what exactly should we do? A recent article on Mashable pinpointed several very useful tips to keep in the back of your mind while trying to score your dream job. The following are just a few that I personally found surprising and may help you as well.

  • Don’t make direct eye contact. “Um, excuse me?” I said the same thing. Although most of us have been taught to do this, too much direct eye contact can be a bit unsettling for the interviewer. Instead, opt for what the article calls “direct face contact.” Choose several different points on the face to focus on for seconds at a time for a more natural gaze.
  • Show your palms. Studies have shown that when your palms are facing up, it sends a signal to our limbic brain communicating honesty, engagement, and positivity. Patti Wood, a body language expert, says, “It’s one of the reasons we shake hands, to show the open palm. It’s so tied to survival instincts … If we don’t see open palm gestures, it puts us on our guard.”
  • Plant your feet on the ground. This tip is also grounded (no pun intended) in science. Apparently keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground makes it easier to think quickly. It allows you to move between the limbic reptilian brain (creative thought) and the neocortex brain (rational thought) to answer highly complex questions more quickly. I suppose that’s where we get the phrase “Think/quick on your feet.”
For the complete list and even more tips to put you a step ahead of the rest during interview season, read the rest of the original article here. Best of luck!

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