Fall Break: The Perfect Time To Catch Up

Temple University has finally joined the Fall Break bandwagon and added five extra days to the Thanksgiving holiday students look forward to every year. For most, those extra days mean lazy days in bed, scouring the refrigerator for as many home cooked meals as we can eat and Netflix. A lot of Netflix. However, without any classes, internships or other commitments to attend to, everyone should take a few hours to do a little bit of housekeeping on the professional aspect of your life.
Update your LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the social media site that often gets overlooked after we have exhausted through our five other websites. Update your LinkedIn profile, add your most recent internships and work experience, and connect with people you met during the semester.  Staying on top of your LinkedIn can help you create new connections and networks.
 Research Internship or Job Opportunities
Fall Break is a great time to begin looking for spring internships, or, for seniors, jobs for post graduation. Applying for work can be time consuming, so leave the Netflix on in the background and start researching potential opportunities. Making a list and applying to a few per day is a great way to space out the applications without overwhelming yourself.
 Update your Resume
Take the time to revise your resume. Add new experiences, take out old ones that don’t relate to your goals, and proofread for mistakes. Taking a fresh look at your resume after some time can help make it sound and look better.
Reach out to professionals in the field who interest you and set up a coffee date. Sitting down with someone for even a half hour can give a lot of insight about the PR world. Many times, a meeting can lead to internships and other job opportunities.
All these helpful tips will only take a few hours to do and can be beneficial a long way from now. So grab some warm apple cider and start catching up!
This guest blog was written by PRowl staff member Hiya Ray.

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