What To Do When You’re Infected

There is this little disease we all have heard of throughout our years in school.  It hits hard like your first cold of the winter season, and stays with you as long as those annoying sniffles last. Symptoms may include: fatigue, lack of interest, trouble concentrating, unable to read, write, type, raise hand and/or even own a flash card.  This dangerous infection usually strikes nation wide, primarily targeting students in their last year of college during their spring semesters.
What is attacking these students you may ask?  Well, it is the ever infectious, Senioritis. Unfortunately, there is no known medical treatment; however, as a senior myself, I have come up with a list of how to fight the symptoms when Senioritis infects you and your last months of college.
  • C’s get degrees, but F’s get you another semester in college.  Although senioritis takes over your motivation, you cannot let your grades slip.  The entire reason why you have made it to senior year was the motivation to graduate.  So, whenever you get that all too familiar feeling to watch an entire T.V. series on Netflix instead of writing your paper, remember you are not graduated yet!
  • Manage your time.  YOLO is a great expression to use during your last year of college.  Trust me, I could not count the amount of times I have made a decision that followed with the statement, “Why not? It’s my senior year…” However, you made it far enough in college that you know how to budget your time to get all of your school work done, and still have a handful of senior year YOLO moments.
  • Appreciate the rest of your time as a student.  Pat yourself on the back.  Every all nighter pulled, paper written, book read is an accomplishment that got you to your senior year.  Realize that these years do end and the real world is a head of you.  So when your infected senioritis brain is telling you to skip class, remember this will be some of the last times you get to be a student and not an employee.  Go to class and embrace every second of student life while it lasts.
Okay, so I know fighting off Senioritis sounds like an impossible task, but the symptoms are in fact combatable.  By reminding yourself how important it is to not give in to laziness, you can be cured in no time.  Graduation is the finish line of a college career.  So, my fellow seniors, lets finish strong!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Brittany Barish.  

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