How #PRSSANC Eased My First Job Fears

I would be lying if I said the thought of the upcoming job hunt season didn’t seem like a daunting task. Luckily for me, according to US News, the job outlook for this year’s college graduates is looking great. Those statistics coupled with what I took away from the “First Job Survival Guide” session have definitely eased any fears I previously had.

One of the panelists, Anthony LaFauce of Porter Novelli, had a few nuggets of wisdom to share with the conference-goers. If you’ve also been struggling with the thought of tackling your first job in the real world then these tips are for you.
When interviewing, spell out how you’re going to midigate risk for the company. Most “entry-level” jobs are listed as requiring two or more years of experience. Since we don’t have that just yet, we’re technically seen as a risk. Ease the company’s mind and explain you’re actually an asset.
Be excited; upper management will notice. Personality is everything. Positive energy is infectious and shows genuine interest. A smile and a good attitude go farther than you think. 
Once you get your first job, there will immediately be three other people trying to get it. Keep your competitive edge and always bring your A-game. Otherwise, there will be someone else willing to step up to the plate.
You’re never inconveniencing anyone by asking questions. It’s better to ask thorough questions ahead of time rather than make a mistake that could have been avoided.
Double check everything you do. It’s better to be a few minutes late and right, than not. Same principle as the tip before: thorough preparation makes for better results in the long run.
Always keep candy on your desk. I could say this fosters positive office commradery…but people just like candy!
Hopefully these tips were helpful and if you have any first job survival tips of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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