The Inside Scoop: Living the Life of a Nonprofit PR Professional

As the fall season came into focus, so did the Public Relations Student Society of America’s National Conference!

Over the past few days, members of Temple University’s PRSSA chapter have been listening to various PR professionals speak about communication topics ranging from resume-building, healthcare PR, and more.

However, for those interested in pursuing a job in nonprofit communications, two women representing vastly different careers in the division gave tips for young professionals aiming towards making a change in the world.

Both National Director of Communications for The Salvation Army Jennifer Byrd and Field Organizer for Amnesty International Savannah Fox have experience in the field of non-profit PR. Both women discussed the requirements for their jobs as well as the things they have been able to accomplish in their professional careers.

According to Byrd, one of the best parts of being involved in the field of PR is having the ability to make a difference and promote change. As someone who had been involved in legal agency PR at one point, Byrd was hoping to find a way to impact people’s lives, and she found that outlet when she joined the Salvation Army.

Fox also spoke about how her involvement with Amnesty International has given her the chance to participate in the advocacy for the termination of the death penalty in the United States.

Through their jobs, both women are able to take part in something that they are passionate about as well as contribute to making a difference for the causes they believe in.

Another highlight of the field of nonprofit PR is the variation of the work a professional completes on a daily basis.

Byrd mentioned how there isn’t any typical day for a person in her position. She could be doing a multitude of projects ranging from media outreach to crisis management daily!

Fox, who hours before the conference had been observing human rights violations in the middle of Ferguson, Missouri, can find herself in the middle of an event standing alongside the demographic her workplace supports, or she could be doing traditional PR work in the form of reaching out to news outlets for coverage.

Although both Byrd and Fox spoke on different sides of the nonprofit spectrum, there main messages were the same. If you hope to go into the world of nonprofit PR, you must have a passion or drive for a cause, and you must be willing to dive in to finding a solution for the problems that cause faces.

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