How to Make the Most of Your National Conference Experience, Without Leaving Philly!

PRSSA National Conference is one of three large-scale events in conjunction with PRSSA National. It is the perfect opportunity for members to gain insight into the profession, learn more about certain PR industries and meet other members from across the country. This year’s conference is in Washington, DC hosted by American University’s chapter. It would be ideal for each school to be able to fund every member’s attendance, despite the distance but unfortunately it’s just not a reality for many. However, there are plenty of ways to stay up to date with national conference happenings, even from Philadelphia.
(Source: PRSSA)
  • Search the hashtag. From Twitter to Instagram, searching #PRSSANC will make it seem like you’re actually there! The conference is full of active social media users (it’s a PR conference afterall) who will surely be posting photos of speakers, live Tweets and more.
  • Follow other members. In order to stay in tune with all things National Conference, there are a few key accounts you should be following. PRSSANational and PRSSA National Conference are guaranteed to keep their followers well-informed. You can also check in to the accounts of the National Committee members. National Committee is the executive board equivalent for PRSSA National. There are a number of Temple PRSSA and PRowl executive board members going as well who will be working to update the members who aren’t able to attend.
  • Read the programming. Before conference starts, check out the programming schedule. If there are any speakers you would have attended had you been at conference, search their name on Twitter for mentions. Attendees will likely live Tweet quotes and important points they make.
  • Check back! Be sure to check back with PRowl’s blog next week for a recap. It will include events and speaker highlights so you don’t miss a thing.
When staying updated with PRSSA National Conference, remember that social media is your best tool. It will allow you to see photos, videos, quotes and speakers that you will make you feel like you’re actually there!

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