The New Faces of PRowl Public Relations

Last Thursday, PRowl met for our first weekly staff meeting of the semester. Looking around, it was thrilling to see so many eager new faces amidst the faces of our still eager veteran members.

After a week of conducting interviews and reviewing resumes and writing samples, PRowl is thrilled to welcome 14 new hires into our firm. We selected these new members because during their interviews and through their writing samples, we knew the following was true: they were eager to learn, ready to work hard and had a passion for practicing public relations.

Our new hires have various interests within the field, and come from very diverse backgrounds. With majors running the gamut from journalism to marketing and internship experience varying from legal to entertainment, we cannot wait to see what this well-rounded group will add to PRowl

We could not be more elated that these students have decided to take their next step with PRowl PR! You’ll be hearing from our new members soon as they share their insights and advice in our weekend guest posts here on the blog.

Sarah Diomande
Kristen Hallahan
Genevieve Greene
Janelle Frace
Hannah Litchfield
Randi Nemeth
Olivia Noble
Tai Virgil
Colleen Chase
Meredith Ketterer
Jade Taylor
Rene Cosides 
Jasmine Johnson
Michelle Barry

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