5 Questions To Check Your Ethics

PRSA has dubbed the month of September Ethics Awareness Month. Ethical practice is something briefly mentioned in some PR classes, but is rarely delved into at great length. Many of the misconceptions about public relations stem from the belief that practitioners do not strive to live ethically.

As public relations professionals, it is critical that we are ethical in our practice. The many misrepresentations of our industry mean that we are constantly under a magnifying glass. Also, the power of our services is heightened immensely when we practice ethically, as it increases the amount of trust between us, our clients and our publics.

To help keep yourself on the right track, here are 5 questions you should ask to check your ethics.

1. Am I following the PRSA Code of Ethics?
2. Am I disclosing all necessary information to my clients and my publics? Read up on disclosing the right way, here.
3. Could this potentially be a conflict of interest for myself or another client?
4. Am I protecting the free flow of information?
5. Am I making responsible decisions for myself and my client?

The answers to these questions should be obvious, and should be used as a guide to practice your profession ethically. To take the ethics code on the go with you, download the PRSA Ethics App to help keep yourself in check.

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