Interview Etiquette

With PRowl hiring for the 2014-2015 school year, I believe a blog about proper interview etiquette would be helpful to all of our readers (but especially the prospective new hires that are looking at our site in preperation for the interview), which brings me to my first point.
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1. Do your research
ALWAYS research the company you are interviewing with.  Pay special attention to their mission statement, goals and client list.  It is better to be over prepared for an interview than not be able to answer a question.  Plus, researching allows you to better understand what the company is all about and helps you to figure out if you would be a good fit there.  Also, put together a portfolio of writing samples that the interviewer can keep.  As a PR major, make sure you are up to date on current events as well!
 2. Dress to impress
It is always best to be overdressed than underdressed, especially for a formal interview.  Stick to the basics, but make sure your outfit also showcases your individual personality.  A simply statement necklace or fun tie can easily dress up a suit and also make you memorable to your interviewer.
3. Think before you speak
Remember that you prepared extensively for the interview so don’t let your nerves get the best of you.  Think carefully about your answer before you speak.  It is okay to take a few seconds to compose yourself as long as your stellar answer makes up for it.
4.Breathe, Stretch, Shake
Chances are your interviewer wants to talk to you considering he/she called you in for an interview.  So, own it! Stay confident and friendly.  Don’t let nerves and anxiety get the best of you.  Your interviewer has been in your position before so he/she knows exactly what you are going through!
PRowl interviews will be held this upcoming week! So if you are a public relations major looking to take the next step in the right directions, make sure you set up an interview! Hiring details can be found here:  Best of luck to everyone, can’t wait to meet you all!
This guest blog was written by PRowl staff member Kaylie Corallo. 

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