4 Reasons To Declare A Minor

After transferring to Temple University last fall, my academic advisor told me that all students in public relations should consider picking up a minor. With a vast array of minor programs described in a brochure in front of me, I quickly became overwhelmed. What should I minor in?
Although picking a minor may be the farthest thing from your mind, having one can be a great asset to your professional development. Considering a minor can come as a blessing as it can lead you to learn more, in and out of the classroom about your strongest passions. 


Minors help you appear more well-rounded. My digital design professor told me this after I thought about adding Digital Media Technologies as a minor. I was not only good at communicating using emerging media and computer technologies but I had a passion for it. My professor advised me to take up this minor because even if it didn’t fit perfectly with my major of public relations, it did showcase a variety of skills I had to offer.
Minors help you gain different perspectives. College is a time to gain training and knowledge in fields you are interested in. It is also meant to open your mind to new opportunities and mindsets. In the PR field, you will be responsible for reaching out and connecting with various audiences, and different perspectives can help you better communicate with these audiences.
Minors widen your career opportunities. For example, an employer in a health care PR firm would highly prefer a public relations major with a health-related minor than another applicant with only a public relations major. In this kind of tiebreaker situation, a minor can be extremely beneficial.
Minors show you follow your passions. Potential employers are always looking for passionate team members. When you are passionate about something, it drives you to learn and succeed in that area or field even further. This exercise of passion leads to self-motivation, determination, positivity, and goal-orientation.
Many schools don’t require declaring a minor. But with the job scarcity today, it is a good idea to have at least two areas that you have good skills in, which is the purpose of a minor. So, find something you enjoy and will have a life long interest in other than your major and make that your minor. You may even find that half way through your education you want to pursue your minor instead of your major. The benefits and possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new!  
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Nicole Beck.

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