PR at the Awards

This weekend celebrated the 31st Annual MTV Video Music Awards and the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.The Emmy Award acknowledges those who excel in the television industry, with nominees for categories such as Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actress – Miniseries or a Movie, and more, while the VMAs recognize those who excel in music videos. Major events like these need stellar PR in order to run smoothly.

Chances are you’ve seen some type of post – whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – about the Emmy Awards. There are multiple key times when actors and actresses themselves, directors, supporters, and the PR/Marketing team push the event:

  • When the event date is announced
  • When the nominees are released
  • Short time leading up to the event
  • During the event
  • Day after the event

An award ceremony such as this leaves a good amount of opportunity for coverage. If you saw posts on your personal social media feeds leading up to the event, then you’ll surely see a few today, being the day after (including this post you are currently reading.) One of the great things about these well-known award ceremonies is that even without social media, everyone would be talking. The show leaves so much to discuss – did your favorite show win an award? Did you see Nicki Minaj perform? Who was the best dressed and who was the worst dressed? Celebrities can slide through the red carpet unnoticed or making the biggest scene – it’s up to them and the PR team.

Celebrities themselves take on their own PR with their personal social media accounts. Lena Dunham, writer of HBO’s GIRLS, shared a few Emmy-related tweets over the last month or so. Fans find it exciting to hear about what their icons are up to & what better way to reach out to them then through humor.

Fashion is additionally a major part of any awards ceremony. It’s certainly a time when what you’re wearing actually matters. If you (or your client) show up unpresentable, it will be noticed. If you (or your client) show up in something outrageous, it will be noticed. For instance, at this year’s VMAs, Katy Perry walked onto the red carpet with friend and rapper, Riff Raff, in what seemed to be a public appreciation of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. This kind of outfit choice is not just about getting dressed for paparazzi – it’s a message!

(Source: Daily Mail)

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