My Mission Trip to Ireland And The Importance of CSR

This past July, I went on a two-week mission trip to Ireland with an organization, Adventures In Missions.  Along with 23 other members of my team, we partnered with a local church to help run programs for the youth, where we made crafts with the younger children, played games, and spoke about our experiences in the U.S. We also went door-to-door in the local village to hand out invitations for the youth programs and various events at the church. We also had time to visit a local university, where we got to speak with several international students and university staff. In between running the youth programs and helping the local church, we got to travel to the homes of some of the elderly people in the village. Through these experiences, I got to give back to the local community and develop meaningful relationships with the people in Ireland. Every time you travel, near or far, you have the opportunity to network, and I am happy to say I have connections in Ireland.
Returning from my mission trip, I had a better understanding of the importance of corporate social responsibility. CSR is becoming more important to corporations as a way to give back to the community and develop relationships with their publics. When corporations implement CSR, employees feel more engaged within the company. It gives employees a sense of purpose and motivates them to do their best work. CSR is also a great way to show your customers how you are giving back.
More and more, companies are looking for employees who have a desire and willingness to volunteer and give back to the community. Any time you are able to volunteer and give back some of your time to people in need, go for it. You’re not only helping others, but you are giving yourself opportunities and experiences to learn from, which will in turn help you land your next internship or job!
This guest blog was written by PRowl staff member Megan Healy.

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