A Mid-Summer Check-In: Starting Those Fall PReparations Now

While fully entrenched in the “dog days of summer,” it can be alarming to realize to that the fall semester is rapidly approaching. Temple University’s first day is Monday, August 26 and that puts us about a month away from returning to North Philadelphia for another school year. Though it can seem tempting to put off all back-to-school preparations to the last couple weeks in August, now is actually the best time to start! The following are tips on ways to begin doing so.
Class schedules: As seasoned college students, we all know how crazy the first few weeks of a new semester can be. Between adjusting to new classes and professors and getting back in the swing of things, it’s wise to take another look at your class schedule well before August 26. Questions to ask yourself may include:
Am I taking classes to fulfill the mandatory gen-ed requirements?
How am I on taking core classes for my major? Am I taking the right classes to satisfy a potential minor? Do I need to meet with my advisor?
Am I okay with the times of my classes? Have I scheduled breaks in the day?
Am I looking to receive credit for an internship and what are the deadlines for that?
Fall Internships/Jobs: While us Strategic Communications students have been lucky to receive emails throughout the summer from our Internship Director Amanda Bednar, nowis the time to begin actually solidifying those fall plans. In regards to internships:
What are you interested in? What sector of public relations are you looking to gain experience in?
What office environment do I thrive in? Is there somebody I can ask for a recommendation?
When finding a job, many students main concern is finding the time to fit work into an already busy schedule. Questions to consider include:
What range of flexibility does this job offer? Will I be able to fit this into my schedule?
What is the commute like and what would the typical hours be?
Resume/LinkedIn:While updating one’s resume and LinkedIn can seem like a daunting feat, now is the best time to do so before the hectic school year begins again! Make sure to include:
What you did over the summer: Did you intern, work, volunteer, start a blog or learn a new skill? Make sure to update accordingly! As you grow and learn as a student, your resume should reflect that.
If you don’t already have a LinkedIn, make one! LinkedIn allows for one to expand upon their resume and provide more information in regards to interests, career goals, etc.
Set goals: I’ve always looked at the upcoming school year as a great time to set goals. The start of a new school year always holds new opportunities and setting/reaching goals is an incredibly satisfying feeling. Seek to differentiate between short term and long term ones and set a reasonable timeline! Some potential goals may include:
Taking on a new internship or two.
Seeking out new volunteer opportunities – both professional and personal.
Working towards a leadership position in a current organization or joining a new one.
Working towards a higher GPA.
Do you have any tips for getting prepared for the fall semester now? Let us know; we could all benefit from them!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Rachel Draghi.  

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