Is A Pitch The New Pick-Up Line?

As public relations students we have all become familiar with a “pitch,” also known as OPEN MY E-MAIL AND GIVE MY CLIENT SOME PRESS! I’ve recently realized the pitch is present not only in the PR world, but in the dating world as well. 
Going into my senior year as a PR student, I have learned and practiced my “elevator pitch,” (name, major, internship(s), future goals, etc. all in 30 seconds), similar to a speed date. This type of pitch has been learned in the classroom and utilized in networking and business events. Unfortunately it seems as though people cannot get out of this “pitch” mindset, even in social settings.
So the question is, is a pitch the new pick- up line? According to Web definitions, a pick-up line is a conversation opener with the intent of engaging an unfamiliar person for romance or dating. This definition is ultimately the same as what a pitch is (minus the romance and dating part).
This post can be taken two ways:
1.     When brainstorming a pitch to the media, think of it as “engaging an unfamiliar person.” You have done enough research on this person to know what his/her niche is, so be confident and personalize your pitch, just as your personalize your pick- up lines. 
2.      Stop with the “elevator pitches” when out. Whether it is a happy hour, night out, or randomly bumping into someone of interest. Not every setting needs to be so professional you need to share your life goals within the first five minutes. Save the pitch for another time, and live in the moment.
What are your thoughts? Do you think a pitch and pick-up line can have the same meaning? Have you ever experienced it? We’d love to know!  
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Amanda White. 

1 thought on “Is A Pitch The New Pick-Up Line?

  1. I liked your article – I think a pick up line is a pitch. Lots of agencies all chasing the same account, giving it their best lines – the only difference is, in business, it's the ones who fail who are the one's that get screwed.

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