Make the Most of Your Morning

Whether it’s the summer and your responsibilities seem slimmer, or the fall when you have no choice but to be awake earlier than you would like – the morning is an important step towards a successful day. Before you get caught up in checking your email for 30 minutes, consider dabbling in any or all of these activities for a brighter a.m.

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Work out – Going on a run or heading to the gym during the first half of your day is a guaranteed source of energy. If you value fitness, then chances are going to the gym is on your to-do list anyway, so why not think about going after you wake up? Running an aesthetically-pleasing route in the morning under the sun is also a source of inspiration!

Drink up – No, no, not that kind of drinking up. Make your favorite coffee, latte, juice, or smoothie to put a little pep in your step. Think of it as treating yourself, but also something you need! Depending on your beverage, you’ll receive the proper nutrients or energy boost to start your day on the right foot.

Chit chat – Personally, my favorite part of the morning is sitting down with my roommates over coffee and chit-chatting before we get the day started. Especially during the academic year, everyone has somewhere to be and it’s good to remind yourself that you’re not the only one with what seems like a 4-page to-do list. Sit outside and call a friend, or wish a good morning to your neighbors.

The morning hours are often associated with a living nightmare, but with the proper sleep and scheduling, you can wake up and love the morning just as much as you love your night life. Hopefully these three short & sweet activities will leave you with a smile on your face when you walk out the front door!

Have any other tips or tricks for getting the morning started off right? Let us know; we could all use them!

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