Dressed to Impress (In the Hot, Hot Heat)

During the summer, I think we can all agree that “business casual” begins a little more difficult. Your skirt is skinning to your skin, your blazer is completely useless, and those black men’s dress shoes are attracting the sun right to you. Commutes become a nightmare as you walk into the office with your hair matted with sweat and your mascara is barely still on your eyelashes. You really do not want to waltz into work in just short shorts and a tank top, so what are you to do? Fear not – we’ve compiled some great tips for keeping cool in the heat!

Tip #1: Restock your closet. The pieces you would frequently wear in the fall or winter are less relevant during the summer months. Restock your closet if need be with light fabrics that won’t weigh heavy on you in the heat. Layers can still exist in the summertime, but you will be more comfortable if they are lighter in weight and even color.

Tip #2: Wear it different. Say you have multiple button-down shirts that you typically sport to the office. But why can’t you wear them? You love them and they look great! Here’s what you can do: roll up your sleeves. Re-adjusting the style of the business casual clothes you already own allows you more opportunity in the fashion department. If a pair of your pants are on their way out anyway, consider cutting them into appropriate-length shorts for the office.

Tip #3: Know your hair. The humidity will sneak up and ruin your hair – it’s a given. Looking polished and presentable is important in the workplace, and with your hair going every which way after your commute, it seems like all odds are against you. But if you know your hair and get a few more styles in your book, you’ll be great to go. Ladies, look into learning a few new easy & quick up-dos, as well as incorporating headbands. Gentlemen, consider using a new product or gel to keep your locks in place.

Do you have any interesting stories about dealing with the heat on the way to office? Share with us, or post any of your own tips below!

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