The Game of Goal Setting (And How To Win)

A goal, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is defined as something you are trying to do or achieve.  However, setting goals while a student in college is often difficult.  Throughout the four years that you are in college, your interests constantly develop and change, making setting goals almost impossible.  Have no fear people, below are a few helpful tips to setting and achieving realistic goals!

In order to accomplish your dreams:

Be Real With Yourself
Remember that the most important thing to do is to set goals that you are actually able to complete.  Set long term goals that reflect where you want to be in five years and short term goals to accomplish within the next year or so.  In college, it is easy to get carried away with big dreams and that’s okay, but you have to be willing to work for them.

Make a Timeline 
Creating a timeline will allow for you to physically see the goals that you have created for yourself.  A timeline will also keep you on track on a daily basis.  Your timeline can be created on your computer or simply written out, but make sure you have one! Include dates and years for each goal and a description of what you want to accomplish and why.  A timeline is a great motivational tool!

Don’t Give Up 
In a world of instant gratification, remember that goals are things to work towards. Goals and dreams go hand in hand.  You have to have goals in order to accomplish your dreams.  So remember to not give up when it feels like you have been working towards something that is hard to achieve.  Long term goals especially, are the hardest to accomplish because they can take years of work.  The goals that you work the hardest to achieve will yield the most rewards!

Work Hard, Play Hard 
In the wise words of Wiz Khalifa, “Work Hard, Play Hard,” when you are goal setting.  Keep in mind that you have to work every single day to accomplish your dreams.  Stay motivated, stay confident and stay humble when trying to accomplish goals.  Take time off from working your every day job to do things you enjoy such as going to the beach or simply sitting down with a good book.

In the end, goal setting can be a terribly scary experience when you can’t see into the future.  Whether you are on the path to become a PR star or a different kind of professional, you are beyond capable of accomplishing you goals as long as you remind yourself of what you want daily!

What are some of your goals? Let us know in the comments!

This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Kaylie Corallo. 

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