This Week In PR | No. 5

Need a recap of this week’s public relations happenings and current events? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s what happened this week in PR.

  • In entertainment news, Laverne Cox became the first transgender woman nominated for an Emmy for her role in the Netflix breakout series Orange is the New Black. She has been recognized for her role as Sophia Burset, “an inmate who committed fraud in an attempt to pay for a sex change procedure.” Note: Cox’s identical twin brother played the role in the scenes prior to the character’s surgery. That’s pretty powerful. (TIME)
  • There’s a fine line between humor and professionalism on social media. However, the CIA seems to be dancing on the line when it comes to their Twitter account. In fact, their first tweet read, “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.” While Twitter has become a major platform for creativity and humor, some think that certain organizations should abstain from participating in the trend and stick to more professional updates. What do you think? (PR Daily)
  • The summer is a great time for vacationing and winding down, but if you’re interested in still being stimulated occasionally, there are plenty of great opportunities nationwide for growth and networking. Here’s a compiled list of seminars on social media, analytics, and more. (Mashable)
  • Globally, issues in the Middle East continue despite President Obama’s pleas for peace. The Palestinian death toll has risen to over 100 civilians today. Gaza militants have fired over 550 rockets, hit over 1,100 targets, and wounded close to 670 people. Their offensive tactic shows no sign of slowing down; unfortunately, it seems to be expanding. (Associated Press)
  • ESPN Magazine’s annual body issue is out and this time around, their cover athletes are of all shapes and sizes. We’ve become accustomed to seeing the covers of this issue graced by the most athletic and “physically fit” professionals, but this issue is more representative of all body types. I’d say that’s a pretty good play on ESPN’s part. (Huffington Post)

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