Staying Productive While Working From Home

With the rise of virtual internships and more and more companies allowing their employees to telecommute, creating a productive atmosphere at home is becoming essential. For students, having the option to intern virtually saves time (and sometimes, money) and makes it easier to handle your on-campus responsibilities while still earning internship experience. Still, a home full of roommates or a lively residence hall aren’t excuses for not getting work done.

The space that you create to work in is a huge factor in the quality of work you’ll produce. If you don’t have a clean and functional area that compliments your work style, you may find yourself stifled and distracted.

Here are some tips to keep yourself on track while getting work done from home, whether you’re interning or working remotely:

Designate a space: When you’re working from home, it’s important to separate and convert what may have once be leisure space into a work setting. Whether you’re setting up shop at the dining room table or a desk in your bedroom, be sure that it’s set up for work and not filled with other distractions. The more you can separate work from play, the better.

Get dressed every day: Yes, working from home technically means that you can work in your pajamas, that isn’t necessarily good for productivity. Get dressed as if you were going to work. Putting on clothes and getting ready for the day will put you in a productive mindset and encourage getting things done.

Remove distractions: Sitting in front of the TV while you work may be ideal for some, but generally the lack of distractions in an office setting are what makes it conducive to a productive work day. Instead of making work fit into your routine off-day, create a distinct divide between the two.

Set realistic goals: Just because you’re working from home does not mean that you should be expected to over do it. Communicate what you’re expected to produce for the day with your supervisor, and create a plan for getting those done within the work day.

Stay in contact: No one is going to pop into your home office to ask how things are going when you work from home. Instead, shoot your boss, co-workers or fellow interns an email or two throughout the day to update them on your progress and any problems you may be having. They’ll appreciate being in the loop.

What tips do you have for staying productive when working from home? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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