Mashable’s Social Media Day Recap

This past Monday marked the 5th annual Mashable Social Media Day. Created in 2010, the international event works to help recognize the current digital revolution. Across the world, thousands of people attended meetups to celebrate the way social media has changed our lives, focusing especially on how it can be used for the betterment of social good.
Philly was no exception, with local social media enthusiasts celebrating with a meetup at Benjamin’s Desk to discuss local issues and how social media can create a difference.  To begin the event, City Representative and Director of Communications Desiree Peterkin Bell read Mayor Nutter’s proclamation announcing June 30th to officially be Social Media Day in Philadelphia. The meetup continued with a panel of social media experts from different areas of communication. Panelists included Peterkin Bell, local American Red Cross spokesman Dave Schrader and Slice Communications’ Social Media Account Supervisor Kwan Morrow. They spoke on everything from slacktivism to digital volunteers to even their favorite social movement created online.
It was one of the few events I’ve ever attended that actively encouraged its attendees to be on their smart phones throughout. In fact, moderator and CEO of Twitchange Shelton Mercer explicitly asked the room to live tweet quotes and answers to keep the Twittersphere updated.
The meetup concluded with an opportunity at casual networking with other attendees over food, drinks and music. With pizza, beer and Twitter, this year’s Social Media Day has easily been one of my all-time favorite events. But truly, it was a perfect opportunity for some of the city’s most social media active and socially conscious to come together for discussion and collaboration that will potentially lead to real social change.
(PRowl staffers and alumni alike attended Social Media Day 2014)
Couldn’t make it to the event? Search #SMDayPHL on Twitter to recap with panelists’ quotes and photos. For updates on future meetups or next year’s Social Media Day, be sure to follow Social Media Day Philadelphia on Twitter.

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