World Cup Update: No Belgium Waffles for Breakfast

Team USA continues to play game after game, and fans continue to post tweet after tweet. PRowl has already emphasized how social the World Cup is, and what more could us PR folk want other than to be trending worldwide! All of the games scheduled in the World Cup have found their own little corner of the internet with their own hashtag. The hashtags are composed of the 3 letters representing the country connected with “vs.”

Today at 4:00pm, USA will play Belgium and millions of passionate fans will be using the hashtag #USAvsBEL. Many fans and organizations have already begun using the hashtag to express their interest and support in the games, but for some, the hashtag isn’t even needed. Yesterday morning, the official Waffle House account tweeted:

Twitter users from all parts of the United States had this one tweet buzzing. Chances are you saw it on your own personal feed at least once, if not twice – thanks to the retweet of your World Cup-addicted peer. Waffle House continued to support the USA team on their Twitter by retweeting a bunch of replies from excited fans, claiming they are only eating American waffles on a day like today.
Waffle House made the right move. They knew what their audience had been talking about for the last two weeks, and put themselves out there supporting the one thing we should all agree to support – our country! This morning, Waffle House posted more World Cup-themed content:

Additionally, many social media users have found a great use for the flag emojis hidden in the depths of the smartphone emoji collections. Waffle House, fans, and even sports publications have been posting content with the flag emojis of the teams playing. The images are an alternate way to update those looking to check the score and plays of the game quickly.

What do you think about what Waffle House has been posting? Do you think it’s okay that they support USA by going against Belgium, or that we should be a big happy family on social media? Let us know!

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