Do It Like Disney

Over time, The Walt Disney Company has managed to maintain a consistent, positive image. Compared to small(er) companies, The Walt Disney Company overlaps several industries and markets with many initiatives such as multiple television networks, film distributors, partnerships, amusement parks & resorts, radio, and retail stores. Through all of these entertainment aspects, The Walt Disney Company continues to represent themselves as: 
“Happiest Place on Earth” – Walt Disney World and Disneyland are recognized as two of the “happiest places on Earth.” If I’m speaking personally, I could not agree more! By taking costumes, rides & attractions, dining, and shopping to the most realistic extent, Disney exceeds your expectations. All work revolving around the company’s expectations relies on the Communications/PR team (this could be you!) Events in Fantasyland or street teams roaming around Animal Kingdom with promotional fliers and coupons are all little reminders of PR work to keep it the “happiest place on Earth.

Positive influence for children – The Walt Disney Company releases films, television programs, and music for the positive influence and growth of children. A few Communication tactics for this reputation would be the use of Disney Channel actors and actresses in campaigns for healthy living, eating, and learning, the marketing of specific products in retail stores that teach children colors, shapes, etc., and the face-to-face greetings with some of their Disney role models in Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

The Communication tactics are endless for a company so large, open-ended, and popular. Initiatives involving events, social media campaigns/contests, meet & greets, marketing, sales, and other possibilities can be planned on a large-scale for maximum results. All and all, these tactics aid The Walt Disney Company (and your company) in continuing to maintain the brand they intended to be.

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