This Week In PR | No. 1

This year we’re introducing a new series here on the PRowl blog: This Week In PR. Just as it sounds, Friday will now serve as a day to recap current events and public relations developments of the week! In case you missed it, here are a few things that have happened this week in PR.

  • If you would ever consider signing a prenup, you may also want to take a look at signing a social media prenup as well. That’s right, this is a growing new trend that people are adopting to protect themselves from their spouses posting unflattering photos online. Apparently, discussions about social media have become increasingly common in divorce proceedings, which should come as no surprise. (TIME)
  • In a savvy PR move, the company Swimsuits for All is living up to its name by recreating the recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue using plus sized models. It’s no secret that many people find the models used for the swimsuit issue (and several other publications) are not representative of what most American women look like. Swimsuits for All’s alternate shoot reminds us all that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. (PR Daily)
  • While Instagram has been the leader in photo sharing for quite some time now, it has not been ahead of the curve when it comes to editing. This Wednesday, however, that changed with their newest update. Within the app, users are now able to adjust filter intensities, brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth. Instagram is slowly, but surely, becoming a one-stop shop for all things photo and video. (PR News)
  • This article is less of a PR development and more of a useful tool. Several of us are beginning to hunt for jobs after college and social media is growing into an amazing resource for aiding that search. We now live in a time where a simple hashtag can get you an interview. This article breaks down tips and tricks to utilize on various social networks that can help you find a job, secure an interview, and get your foot in the door. (Mashable)
  • For those of us who are bloggers or manage a website, you already know how important traffic is in spreading your message. However, what you might not know is what you may be doing wrong in increasing that traffic. While people are becoming more knowledgeable about the role of SEO, there may be other factors within your content or marketing that are hurting website views. This article lists five things to keep in mind when trying to bring in a larger audience. (Huffington Post)
If there is anything else that happened this week in PR, feel free to share and discuss below!

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