Top 10 "Best" Brands

What goes into considering a brand the “best?” Is it their product/service, customer service, or social value? When either beginning to frame your brand or spruce it up with a re-branding, it’s important to understand what the brand means to you. All decisions for the brand should be based on allowing the audience to clearly see what you stand for.

More than often, a brand will introduce itself to the audience by sharing what their impact is on the particular market. From then on, the most common successful strategy is to keep continuity within your brand. Strong continuity correlates with recognition of your brand across various platforms.

According to Forbes, the current top 10 brands are:
1. Apple
2. Microsoft
3. Coca-Cola
4. IBM 
5. Google
6. McDonald’s
7. General Electric
8. Intel
9. Samsung
10. Louis Vuitton

Did any of these brands surprise you? Let us know if you can spot any similarities in these top brands! For instance, 6 out of the 10 brands are in the technology industry.

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