Be Firm.

 The other day I was at a networking event meeting professionals in my industry. As I was shaking hands with women and men throughout the night, I noticed there was a major difference in both handshakes.
For instance, when meeting a professional woman, we had a mutual firm handshake. On the other hand, when shaking hands with a professional man, the handshake was extremely gentle and almost to the point of a “limp handshake.” These different handshakes had me perplexed.
The question is… should there be a “handshake” difference depending on your sex? Do women feel as though they need to more firm when shaking hands with other women because they see them as competitors?  So men feel they need to take it easy when it comes to shaking hands with women because they feel women are the weaker sex?
My answer is no. A good handshake is a good handshake. No man should feel he should “go easy” with his handshake just because he is shaking hands with a woman.
According to a PR Daily article, “Women: 5 ways to present yourself professionally,” the #3 tip is No Limp Handshakes. The article states, “A firm and confident handshake conveys confidence and authority. Grasp firmly, shake once, make eye contact and let go.”
If women want to be treated the same as men today, specifically in their industry, then the handshake between a man and a woman should be the same as well. Be firm and stand your ground ladies!
What do you think? Should men be gentler with their handshake when first meeting a woman just because she is a woman, or should it be equal?
This guest blog post was written by PRowl staff member Amanda White.

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