Make it a PRoductive Summer

Happy summer! It’s incredible to see the dramatic difference in our availability as students when you eliminate a full class schedule. Perhaps you’ve made plans to intern, travel, or work this summer, or perhaps you’ve made plans to simply relax! Either way, it’s easy to incorporate PR building into your summer season. Here’s a few different ways:

  • Volunteer – Research local non-profit organizations and companies you are interested in working with! Most organizations are looking for volunteers for upcoming events, some even known nationwide. Opportunities like these seem more like fun and less like work, especially to us addicted-to-PR folks, all while giving back. Volunteer work allows you to see a preview of the operations at companies/industries you are interested in, as well as a great contribution to your community! 
  • Begin personal projects – Even with the littlest bit of extra time on your hands, dedicate it to personal projects! In terms of career building, think about what additional skills you would be proud to say you have. For PR, learning Photoshop and InDesign, starting a book or blog, and even another language are beneficial. Otherwise, take on any projects you want to do for yourself. Update your playlists, finish a certain number of books, or even learn to sew!
  •  Informational interviews – If you’re not (or even if you are) interning, consider scheduling a few informational interviews. This is a great way to learn more about the various industries and departments you may end up working in. Not to mention, there’s no pressure. The professionals leading the informational interview are most likely taking the time to show you around the office and answer your questions because they genuinely want to help you with PR! Ultimately, you’ll end up being the interviewer! 
  • Start a blog – Starting a blog is a project itself, but definitely one I would suggest for every Communication student out there. The internet is a helpful tool in developing our skills and furthering our future success. Blogging is a great opportunity to practice your writing skills, as well as organization with the layout, style, brand, and content of your site. Make it fun, and blog about something you truly love! Fashion, makeup, entertainment, sports, and environmentalism – you can blog about anything your heart desires.

No matter how you choose to practice this summer, enjoy yourself! We worry enough all semester long, use the summer to have fun!

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