What I Learned From PRowl Public Relations

I’m allowed to get a little sappy for my last blog post, right?

Interviewing for PRowl was the best decision I made in my four years as a Temple Owl. I have met the most amazing people, learned more than I ever imagined possible and had the greatest experience I could have hoped for. PRowl helped me grow and be confident and try new things. Being a part of Temple’s first and only student run firm not only solidified my knowledge that I chose the right career path, but it also taught me a lot and I’ve listed some of the most important things below:

1. We’re all just trying to find our way
From freshman year through until graduation, we’re all just trying to be the best we can be.

2. Your “competition” are also your biggest supporters
Yes, you’ll be competing with your peers for jobs; but they’re also going to be the ones you call when you get your dream job. Don’t burn bridges.

3. You can learn as much from your peers as you can from your professors
Everyone has a unique perspective and their own expertise. Learn from those around you.

4. No challenge is too big or too small
You can handle anything with the support of the right team. Remember, you’re not above anything.

5. People are inherently good
Your peers, your professors, the community and everyone in between wants you to succeed and are more than willing to help you get their if you’re willing to make the effort.

Thank you to each and every member of PRowl, past and present for making my college experience amazing. I can’t wait to see the firm grow and succeed even more.

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