Please Touch Me – Tips for a Strong Subject Line

We see hundreds of emails in a week, at least a hundred in one day, and we are exposed to over 5,000 messages. That’s a lot to take in! So how do you get your email read instead of having it ignored? It all starts with the subject line! The subject line is no doubt the most important part of the email because it will decide your fate on whether or not it’s read or dead. Here is a list of tips to amp up your subject line!
1. Put the information or offer up front! 
Position is everything! Nobody wants to have search for the information or the main point of an email.They want to know right away what they are reading so present your point, or at least hint at it, right away in the subject line. Don’t turn the subject line into a guessing game for what the email is about, and definitely don’t leave it blank.
2. Keep your subject line short and sweet!
People are not attracted to lengthy subject lines and they want to see the point of the email right away. Also take notice to the fact that on mobile devices, subject lines get cut shorter than they do on desktops. Keep your subject line length to 8-10 words.
3. Give it a sense of urgency but make it personal!
People hate the thought of missing out on something good, so give your subject line a time constraint. Also, make it relatable to the reader so they feel they need to open it right away.
4. Check for spelling errors!
One single spelling error can make someone delete your email right away. It looks unprofessional, so double and triple check!
5. Most importantly, be clever!
Grab your reader’s attention! It’s found that having short and descriptive subject lines are more prone to being opened compared to cheesy lures. Subject lines can be funny, controversial, personal, or even just a single word.
Subject lines are so important when it comes to an email. If people are receiving hundreds of emails a day, there is a competitive edge to sending out an email. Use these tips to make yours stand out and beat the rest!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Alissa Steele.


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