Social Media Spring Cleaning – 5 Steps to a Better Online Presence

With the increasingly overwhelming amounts of social media platforms surrounding us today, it is easy to get lost in an ocean of hashtags, pictures and online lingo. So what is it that many of those “cool” social media geniuses you follow have in common? The answer is a lot simpler than it seems.

1. Create an impressionable “About Me” or descriptionIn order to build your own brand in a simple and affective way it is extremely important to utilize your “About Me” correctly. Find a way to make your description stand out even by incorporating something as simple as a unique cover picture.

2. Post once a dayYou have numerous social media platforms, but do you use them regularly? Posting at least once a day ensures that your followers are reading about what you have to say and staying interested. Letting an account just sit idle without any activity will lead to loss of followers and lack of interest when you do post.

3. Quality over quantityRemember that posting an aggressive amount will have the same consequences as not posting at all. No one wants to scroll down his or her Facebook feed and see the same person promoting an event over and over again. Stay away from repetitive posts and focus on sending quality messages.

4. Using hashtagsThe purpose of a hashtag is to bring people together who have a certain idea in common. It makes it easier to search for pictures, apps, news and current events. Before becoming a hashtag fiend, remember that the following you bring in using those hashtags are a reflection of quantity not quality. Use hashtags only when relevant and you’ll find yourself building a reputable online presence.

5. Post as it happensTimeliness is a factor of social media that is often overlooked. The use of #TBT (throwback Thursdays), #FBF (flashback Fridays) and #latergrams have made it increasingly easy to make an old picture or memory relevant. However, posting about an event right when it happens creates urgency, stirs a buzz and allows your content to not get lost in a sea of throwbacks.

Kick-start your social media spring cleaning with these 5 tips and you’ll be on your way to a reputable online presence in no time.
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Hiya Ray.

1 thought on “Social Media Spring Cleaning – 5 Steps to a Better Online Presence

  1. Super helpful advise thank you for sharing.

    Maggie A

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