Learn to Make Your Own Decisions

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, right? While that may be true, there are definitely questions that are pretty unnecessary. I tend to ask a lot of them. I would rather ask a lot of questions and do something right than forge my own incorrect path. While I still stand by that, I’ve learned through my internships and time spent as a leader in student organizations that there are a lot of times where the questions need to be skipped and executive decisions need to be made.
In order to make a quick and effective decision on your own, there are some simple steps to take:

1. Develop a thorough understanding

You’re much more likely to make a solid (and correct) decision if you have all your background information. Think of that “what-if’s” before you start your task and find all your answers at the beginning, rather than running into roadblocks later on.
2. Utilize the internet
Search engines are a wonderful thing. Rather than asking your coworker or boss how to use promoted posts on Facebook or create a graph in Excel, just look it up online.
3. Look for previous examples
Don’t reinvent the wheel. If you’re doing a job that someone has done before, there are examples of the right way to do it somewhere. Go through old files and see if you can find an older version that might be able to guide you.
4. Be confident
When you make a decision without asking anyone else, be confident that you’re doing the right thing. Even if it turns out you aren’t, you’ll learn from it!
So if you’re ever faced with a situation where an immediate decision needs to be made and it’s up to you–don’t get nervous and second guess yourself. Follow these tips and you’re on your way to making great executive decisions. Plus, supervisors, managers, and directors all the way up to vice presidents and CEO’s have to make their own decisions, so you’re really helping yourself in the long run by learning to do it now.

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