Find Your Balance

Wake-up. Internship. Class. Meeting. Class. Work. Night class. Homework. Sleep. Repeat.
Does this sound familiar? This seems to be the normal schedule for many public relations majors. We are the type-A, really busy students that somehow find time to breathe. It is great because we are ambitious and driven, but sometimes we need a break from all the stress and multitasking. After all, it will not get easier once we graduate.
To help us all distress a little, I have complied a list of things to help step away from work and class to get some “me time.”
1.      Turn off all devices (or at least put them on airplane mode)
You read that right- turn off your phone and shut down your laptop or tablet. In our busy world, we are constantly checking social media or emails. It is really liberating to sometimes get away from it all; you don’t have to be connected 24/7. Stepping away from your phone allows you to do other things like watch a television show in peace or grab lunch with a friend without seeing your phone light up every three minutes.
2.      Go to the gym
I absolutely love going to the gym as much as possible. It could be that the endorphins released during exercise make me happy (and that I love wearing my gym clothes) but this is one of my favorite ways to distress. I will sometimes put my phone on airplane mode, so I can focus on my work out. Luckily at Temple, we have three different gyms available, so I can always find an open treadmill to burn some calories and take my mind off of work.
3.      Have an outlet
Find a hobby! I love photography and sometimes will sit on my laptop just to edit pictures from events and add fun filters. Some people love to run because they can blast their favorite songs and get some fresh air while clearing their mind. Whatever your outlet is, find and embrace it. At the end of a crazy week, it’ll help you find your sanity again and relax a bit.
In the end, the most important thing is to have a balance. Yes work is important, but so is having a life outside of public relations. Take the time to do some of these things because that media pitch and press release can wait until Monday morning when you get back into the office.
Do you have any tips on how to relax after a long week? Share below!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Shaun Luberski.

1 thought on “Find Your Balance

  1. Love this post because I find that going to the gym or riding my longboard are two great outlets for me. Yeah, I own a franchise PR firm and I longboard.

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