Free Tools to Create an Infographic

Long gone are the days of having to be a professional designer to create or design something visual. With the advancement of technology there are various free tools and methods to assist non professionals on creating something brilliant. Nowadays, people tend to gravitate more towards visuals rather than written items or articles. With that being said, infographics are a great foundation for anyone who is seeking to create visuals. 

Wondering how to create an infographic? Below are three free tools you can use to accomplish your goal:

1. This website is free! Its the perfect platform for assistance when it comes to creating an infographic. Its easy and self explanatory and one major feature this website holds is you having the ability to make more than 3 different types of charts. also allows you to download files in PNG or PDF format. 

2. InfoActive- This website describes itself as Simple, Responsive and Interactive. InfoActive allows you to turn your data into an interactive story. InfoActive allows you to share your stories directly to your blog or any social network. 

3. Visualize-  This website allows you to visualize your resume in one click. You can connect through your linkedIn and make your resume more interactive. 

Tap in to your creativity and try creating an Infographic for one of your upcoming projects. Times are definitely changing and we are forced to stand out of the crowd so challenge yourself and create something memorable. 

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