Facebook’s #TransformationTuesday

Facebook has come a long way since its beginning, but lately it seems like there are changes implemented every week. Check out the evolution of Facebook here.

The site recently changed the layout of the newsfeed to make it consistent across mobile and desktop platforms. Facebook also announced that images will be more prominent on user’s timelines. This stems from research that proves that people are more attracted to visuals than they are to lines of text. More announcements on changes on the site can be found at www.facebook.com/business/news.

Whenever Facebook makes a big change there is a lot of push-back from users. People tend to be resistant to change, even if it ends up benefiting them. Whenever Facebook changes the way it looks or the way it can be used, people resist and say they want to old format back. Of course this push-back fades away and everyone falls back in love with their favorite social site after they get used to the change.

Don’t underestimate people’s resistance to change. If a big change is being planned, make sure consumers are notified of the process and intent so they can properly prepare. This keeps people from bad mouthing your organization and builds brand loyalty.

Do you think Facebook is making too many changes? We want to know!

Check out more #TransformationTuesday images of popular websites like MySpace, Yahoo and Twitter.

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