Who Run the Social Media? Girls.

Social media sites are constantly changing and constantly growing. As new sites are developed, women set the pace for the popularity the site will gain. More women over men tend to not only try out new social media site, but also become regular visitors.
When it comes to the variety of social media sites, women claim to be more active on multiple outlets, but the men are not far behind.  The numbers are close but in the end, women lead men 30 percent to their 26 percent on the amount of channels women check per day. Facebook, which is considered the leading social media outlet, reports an attraction of higher females (76%) than males (66%) audience.
So, with the constant need for connection, what are the sites that command the most attention? Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are the media outlets that command the women’s attention.
These sites, however, are not only for interaction purposes but also informational needs. Fifty-eight percent of females use Facebook to receive their daily news, whereas, 42 percent of males use this site for news purposes.
Male presence may not be as high on leisure social media sites, but on LinkedIn, males have a more dominate attendance. The male population tends to utilize the resources on social media sites for particular reasons that will help in the long run. Women, however, exist on such sites for leisure and creative reasons. It is an escape to help pass the time or divert attention from every day experiences.
For more information on this interesting trend, check out the original article on PR Daily.
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Alison Curran. 

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