10 Steps to a More Productive Day

This infographic from Lifehack offers great tips on getting more done throughout the days. It all starts with a simple list.

Listing the tasks you’re hoping to accomplish makes it easier for you to prioritize. Whenever I make my to-do lists I always put the due date next to my tasks so I can make sure the urgent ones get done first.

Even if you’re bogged down with work it’s important that you’re keeping yourself energized by having some fun. Listen to your favorite tunes and give yourself breaks every once an a while for snacks or chit chat to keep your body engaged and focused.

Tip #5 is something to think about. What time of the day are you most productive? If it’s in the morning, aim to get the bulk of your work accomplished then. This can help you with tip #9: optimize and reflect. Always keeping thinking of ways you might have improved your productivity.

The end of your productive day will end the way it began: with another list! There is nothing more satisfying than checking off your tasks but sometimes a few remain unfinished. Rather than leaving your list as-is, re-write it without your completed tasks. It will be shorter and appear much more manageable that way.

How do you keep yourself productive during the day? Any tips for moments when you just feel like giving up? Let us know!

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