The Charmed Life of Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani is a company founded by Carolyn Rafaelian, an innovative and creative business woman who focuses on positive energy.  The Alex and Ani brand began simply as charmed bangles but today consists of candles, necklaces, rings, etc.  The company focuses highly on sustainability and positive actions, making the brand appealing to many different audiences.
Not only am I personal fan of the bracelets, but also of the branding and public relations behind the company.  I applaud the PR department at Alex and Ani as they are continually working to brand the bracelets.  The company brands their products through the four following components:
Sustainability–  Alex and Ani bracelets are made with materials that are economically and environmentally beneficial to society.  There is even a charm on each bracelet with the iconic recycle symbol.  By doing this, Alex and Ani is appealing to both the environmentalists and fashionistas nationwide.
Made In America – The bracelets are made in hand picked warehouses throughout the country.  Alex and Ani main stores are located on the main streets of cities in America, supporting small business and helping the economy to grow.  This strategy of the brand allows their customers to believe they are bettering the economy when purchasing a product because they are promoting corporate consciousness.
Positivity– The charms that are put on each bracelet are carefully researched so that they are absolutely sure the charms encompass positivity.  Everyone needs a little positivity in their life and their goal is that putting on the bracelets daily will help the wearer to be reminded that life is beautiful. The various charms also give the wearer a chance to express their personality based on the charms they pick.
Social Media– Alex and Ani is extremely interactive via social media. Search the hashtags #charmedarms, #positiveenergy and #alexandani on any social media outlet and you will see the most recent jewelry trend in America.  The company is constantly holding Instagram contests and replying to their customers on Twitter.  They also keep a blog titled “The Charmed Life” that is updated frequently and features links to their other social media outlets.
Alex and Ani brands certain charms towards specific holidays: the “love” bangle for Valentines Day or the “four leaf clover” for St. Patrick’s Day.  There are also bangles that include charms for Autism awareness and other organizations that Alex and Ani donate a portion of their profits to.  Overall, Alex and Ani is a consistent brand and company; I admire their work ethic and strategy.

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