The Job Hunt To-Do

With May just around the corner, one thing is on every graduating senior’s mind besides warm weather – getting a job! Add in trying to finish out the semester strong and do well in classes, the process can prove to be very stressful. However, keeping organized is the key to success. To help organize the process a little more, I created an excel spreadsheet that arranges everything to keep in mind when applying for first jobs.  Doing something as simple as creating an excel spread sheet can make the process go a little bit smoother!
Here’s an example of the spreadsheet I created:
1.     Set criteria of job – What industry are you looking to go in to? What kind of position would you ideally want with a company?
2.     Set criteria of location – Are you willing/ do you want to relocate?
3.     Finish resume – Update resume with your most recent experience and have a trusted family member, friend or the career center review it!
4.     Finish cover letter – Tailor each cover letter to respond to the job responsibilities and qualifications when applying for different positions.
5.     Personal network list – List all former employers, connections, family members and friends that might be able to help you.
6.     Network List of Mom and Dad – Boss or friends?
7.     Networks through clubs – PRowl, TAC, Greek Life, etc.
8.     Join online groups – LinkedIn,, etc.
9.     Join in-person groups – Many cities have young professional networking groups that meet monthly!
10.  Make contact with network lists – Reach out to each person and let them know you’re going to be graduating soon. Depending on your relationship, maybe ask to meet for coffee or lunch and send them your updated resume!
11.  Check online job postings – You have to start somewhere!
Applying for first jobs can be a stressful experience. By outlining key components of the job hunt with certain deadlines, you begin to have a better sense of control over something that can seem overwhelming at times. Also, listing contacts and connections of your own and of family and friends helps to lay out all of your possibilities.

What are some tips you have for college graduates and keeping organized in the job hunt? Leave us a comment and tell us!
This guest blog post was written by PRowl Staff Member Tessa Cohn.

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