Blogging Conferences: The Prep List

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Bloggers have a great opportunity to create organic and original platforms perfect for promoting various projects, clients and brands. Working with bloggers is great, as they usually operate in smaller teams and have a great passion for what they do.
As a blogger looking to work with brands and sponsors, it is so important to be sure that your blog is in tip top shape. This means creating consistent and original content, maintaining a readership and finding ways to network and engage other bloggers. A few weeks ago, I shared some 2014 blogging conferences – which are great events to network with other bloggers and learn how to enhance your online space. Before packing up and heading to a conference, there are a few things you should prepare in advance to make the most of your experience:
Streamline Your Brand Across Platforms
A common mistake that many bloggers make is loosing a consistent image across platforms. If your Twitter handle is @GreatBlogger but on Instagram it’s @iLoveToBlog, it can get confusing and difficult for people to find and follow you. Decide upon one name and handle to use across every platform that you are on.
Get Business Cards
With all of the hustle and bustle that comes with an exciting blogging conference, no one is going to have time to take out pen and paper to jot down your blog name, URL and your contact information. Have a business card that has your brand’s logo and colors that lists all the basic information someone will need to reach out to you.
Prepare A Media Kit
If you plan on reaching out to brands and sponsors for potential partnerships, hit them with your best shot right off the bat! Have a one-sheet media kit with your blog’s logo at the top that lists some of your online stats. These could include your monthly page views, numbers of followers on various social media platforms, a description of you and your blog and a little about your reader demographics.
Review Your Current Content
While you’re networking with bloggers, you can bet that they will all be heading over to your blog to see what you’re all about. Before sending everyone to your little piece of the web, be sure that you’re happy with everything being presented. If you have some earlier posts that aren’t really your best work, consider editing or revamping them. Make sure all photos and links are still functional and look well within the post. Consider making a fresh ‘about me’ page, and make your media kit available on your blog for easy access!
These are just a few items on the checklists of many bloggers heading to different conferences. Are you heading to a blog conference any time soon? How are you preparing?

1 thought on “Blogging Conferences: The Prep List

  1. I would add to that list seeing who the Sponsors are and identifying any sponsor or partner that might also be a great sponsor for your site. Plan ahead so you can do the necessary research.

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